Web Hosting

Managed Hosting

Every website or web application needs a server delivering that content, and managing that can be a daunting task. Allow us to host your website for you using top-tier virtual server providers and cloud infrastructure, or host it on-premises.

If you have an existing site you need hosted, or want a new application hosted by us, we can handle it. We utilize virtual private servers (VPS) to give our customers a highly-available and managed web hosting experience. No more worries about downtime. 

Customer websites and applications are isolated from one another and can have their resources scaled instantly to match what kind of traffic is coming in. You won't have to deal with a slow website because of any spikes in traffic. Security patches and hardware maintenance are also handled 24/7 by a team of engineers to make sure your site is highly-available and resilient to network outages and failures.

Our providers of choice include DigitalOcean, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Web applications developed by North River Design can be delivered in Docker or Hyper-V containers for customers that need portability. 

We can even deploy most applications on-premises for businesses that may have many in-office users, do not want any remote access, or have specific network environment or server requirements.

Our experience includes deploying to some of the most popular web servers including IIS, Apache, nginx, and nodejs through Express.

If you want peace of mind about how your website is running, contact us for a quote today.